Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wahl Super taper is an excellent product, you'll invest a bit of money upfront but I can assure you it will last for many years if you keep it clean every time you use. Look after them they will last forever they will probably last 10-20 years if you don't. Its fantastic, they are a pro spec hair clipper with a nice weight and power and a 3m cable. It gives very smooth cut and children will not complain about pulling hair or scratching with blade. Its little bit heavy but was expected that because it has big motor.  I have used various clippersThis I have to say is the best by far. As this Wahl clipper trim and shape up the cut and has barber professional look. All the professional barbers are using this so would say unless you work in a girly hair dressers then you wouldn't need to go for the Academy Edition which I was toying with. 

After seeing several compelling Wahl Super taper reviews recommending the purchase of a commercial grade hair clipper rather than a domestic one even for home use I bit the bullet and bought Super taper. The packaging was superb and the delivery was very quick from The Glamour Shop and I would certainly use this seller again. 

This best hair clipper itself is very robust and has a solid feel with a wonderfully flex - no more extension leads required. There is a real sense of power when it is turned on and it does vibrate noticeably but not significantly, a feature of the "shunt motor" apparently, but is quiet and cool to the hand. The added bonus is that you can purchase replacement blades and combs (the bits that clip on the blades) as well as additional sizes of comb. It cuts smoothly and first time leaving no ridges or uncut sections. The item does not come with the selection of usually inferior extras like scissors, hair clips, etc. However, you do get a hand comb, a little brush for cleaning the blades and a small bottle lubricating oil.

I too am a convert to the use of a professional hair clipper rather than a domestic one. I am looking forward to many years of service and can wholeheartedly recommend this product. It is designed for pretty intensive use in a salon so should have an easy life doing a crop every three weeks. It is only the price of half-a-dozen crops at the barbers so will pay for itself in no time and no queuing.

Some people were asking how short is the lowest setting with Wahl Super Taper. It's very short (approx 0.8mm) but won't give a shaved look. The amount of vibration in Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper evident within the body of the clippers

Had a read the accompanying leaflet they'd have discovered that while the clippers leave the factory perfectly calibrated, while in transit can knock them slightly out of alignment. There then follow the instructions for realigning the clippers to the minimal vibration. 

I would recommend Wahl Super taper to anyone, and also say that its well worth paying that little bit extra, as they ultimately pay for themselves in the long-term and pretty quickly too.

Author: John Smith

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